Voice Issues

Professional and non-professional voice users alike develop problems with their voices at some point in their careers and lives. Our unique center, first of its kind in the Westchester, NY area, is comprised of the top voice therapists with professional singing and voice background together with Dr. Craig Zalvan, our area’s first and most experienced laryngologist specializing in disorders of the voice. This approach allows for the complete care of the voice user.

ANY change in voice, strain, discomfort, or effort can be a sign of a vocal problem. Where and when you get evaluated and treated WILL make a difference! Early identification and treatment can lead to a long term and excellent outcome!

Our advanced diagnostic techniques and tools, together with over 15 years of experience with over a thousand professional voice users, allow us to help restore, improve, and fine-tune the wonderful instrument, the human voice. Singers from all genres of music including rock, opera, musical theater, folk, and rap have been cared for by our team of voice professionals.

We provide the full range of medical and surgical interventions for disorders affecting the larynx, or voice box. In addition, our vocal rehabilitation techniques together with close medical supervision in our pleasant setting overlooking the Hudson River, have truly improved the lives of thousands.

We believe strongly in the most conservative approach with surgery reserved for only the necessary cases.

When surgery is needed, we are the only center in the region using TUBELESS surgery (see Disorders tab) – no breathing tube means less discomfort and less risk to the vocal cords for a better outcome and quicker recovery.