After touring for the past 2 years, my voice was not reliable, I was having increasing difficulty hitting my "money" notes, and often had discomfort after singing. After canceling two performances, I saw a couple of ENT doctors who told me I had reflux, gave me some pills to take, and told me to have voice therapy. I spent the next 6 months struggling to sing with no major improvement. One of my friends, and then my doctor, recommended that I see Dr. Zalvan. That day truly changed my career path. He was very kind, very concerned with my problem, and showed me my voice exam, explaining the problems with my vocal cords. I had developed a small polyp after having a broken blood vessel. He recommended surgery followed by voice therapy, a diet for my reflux (he told me to stop the pills), and I agreed. Well, I'm back to singing as good, if not better than I was prior to losing my voice and am back on tour !! Thank you Dr. Zalvan for giving back my voice and my career that I love so much.


I have been suffering for years with chronic coughing, a lump in my throat, and sore throats. I have seen three ENT doctors, two GI, an allergist, two pulmonary doctors and even tried acupuncture with minimal relief. I was taking omeprazole twice a day and Zantac. Finally, I found Dr. Zalvan! He listened to my history and examined me with a scope in the nose (I felt nothing despite prior painful experiences!). He then told me that my cough and lump feeling was most likely due to my throat being very sensitive, possibly from a virus years ago. He told me that reflux was the main trigger for all of these symptoms and then spent a long time explaining how he treats reflux - WITHOUT DRUGS !!! I doubted him but felt I should try it and I will never forget the day I did - it changed my life. I changed my diet to eat nearly all vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts with very little fish and NO dairy. I also drank alkaline water. Within a week I was feeling much better. After a month I had lost 7 pounds and had no more symptoms. I have now lost over 20 pounds, no longer take my medication for blood pressure or cholesterol and feel the best I have felt in decades. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Zalvan's unique approach and out of the box thinking!


I have been a patient of Dr. Craig Zalvan since June of 2011. I am very thankful that I have been under his care. I had a voice problem for quite a few years and was procrastinating to get checked as I was fearful of the scope. I have a tendency of passing out due to stress and this procedure can only be done while awake. After being diagnosed by Dr. Craig Zalvan it was determined that I needed to have surgery. I was scheduled shortly after that visit. Being a nervous mom, I was worried about many things. I reached out to Dr. Craig Zalvin via email and asked the questions that I had. I have to say that he responded in such a manner that I thought, I am truly in good hands. Dr. Craig Zalvan has such a professional way about him, that can put you at ease. He truly understood how I was not your typical patient. He gave me all the reassurance he could with my specific situation. I truly put all my faith in his hands as I could not fix this problem and felt that this is what he specializes in. After my surgery, he reached out to me himself. I really did not expect that. My office visits were more frequent due to what he found. He told me that he will follow me closely and should anything else occur he will do the same procedure if need be. A few years later it did occur again and I had to have another surgery again. Therefore my office visits were more often and have again lessened with time. I am truly grateful as he is still the same way as he was the first day I met him. He greets you with a professional handshake. Ask you how you are doing and continues with a thorough check-up. In my case, I need to continue to be scoped, as much as I hate this to be done. I have now been able to go to my last 3 visits alone and be scoped. When he sees I am starting to panic he says firmly Breath thru your nose its almost over. He truly knows how difficult this is for me. Once he removes the scope he shows me on the computer and discusses what he sees with me. I am always thankful when I get a clean bill of health - but I must say - I tell him as often as I see him " THAT THERE SHOULD BE MORE DOCTORS IN THIS WORLD LIKE HIM". HE TRULY HAS A GIFT OF TALENT, EXPERTISE, PROFESSIONALISM & KINDNESS. I highly recommend DR. CRAIG ZALVAN to anyone who is experiencing voice and swallowing problems. I was lucky enough to get his name highly recommended him to me!


I had seen other doctors prior to my visit with Dr. Zalvan and received no solution or proper treatment for my condition. I was told by other physicians potential options for my condition were not available to me. However, Dr. Zalvan assured me this was not the case. I did have options and he thoroughly explained all of them to me. He is an amazing physician that I would recommend to anyone. He is extremely down to earth, really takes his time, treats his patients with dignity and respect, and most of all DOES NOT run his practice like a business. He is extremely professional. I highly recommend him


I cannot say enough about Dr. Zalvan. Having suffered for over 10 years with a chronic debilitating cough, he was the first physician of many who not only gave me hope but actually determined the cause of my cough and prescribed the right medication to treat it. I have been cough-free for over 6 months now and would highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from a chronic cough. Dr. Zalvan 's attitude instilled confidence and he was always positive and encouraging. I am so grateful to him for his expertise.